LocalMaineDeals.com is a daily deal site commited to brigging you the best local deals. We are based in Maine and recognize the importance locally owned businesses have on their communities. We are proud to offer our services to Maine business owners so that they can market their business to locals and tourists alike. Click Here to see all the great services LocalMaineDeals.com offers to businesses in hopes to better our communities.
Some deals offer you discounts if you share the deal on Facebook, Twitter, or E-Mail. Make sure to read the descriptions on the page to see if, and how much credit you will receive.
A tipping point is the amount of sales a deal must reach before it becomes valid. Of corse if a deal does not reach its tipping point YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED if you had previously purchased that deal. Not all deals will have tipping points, but some businesses use them to offer the lowest price while ensuring they will not be losing money.
If the deal has no tipping point the payment processing will occure as soon as the order is placed. If a deal does have a tipping point, then you will only get charged if or when that tipping point is reached.
You will have to read the fine print under each deal as every deal varys. You will find that most deals have a clearly stated expiration date in which the business must honor. If the expiration date passes however, the deal is no longer valid, but you are still elegible to redeem your deal to the business for the initial amount that you paid.
You have 24 hours after time of purchase to request a refund. To do this you can go to our Contact page and send us an e-mail. When we issue a refund please allow 1-2 business days before your money will show back in your account.
Once you purchase a deal we will process your payment and send an e-mail with a link to your LocalMaineDeals account. Simply sign in and print your voucher. If you don't see the e-mail after giving ample time to arrive, check your spam folder and make sure you are logged into the same e-mail account used to purchase the deal. If you still don't see the e-mail, please contact us here.
Absolutely, we make a point to inform our partnering businesses that, unless stated otherwise in the fine print, vouchers can be used as gifts.
Tipically, yes unless otherwise stated.
We do not allow you to combine multiple vouchers, or use multiple vouchers at one time, unless otherwise stated in the fine print.
Make sure to read the fine print under every deal to find the terms and conditions of each deal. If for any reason there are no terms or conditions stated in the deal, then the deal may be redeemed as is stated in the description.
Absolutely, we partner with a third party vender to ensure the most secure and updated payment processing outlets are used on our site. When you go to a deal, you are inputting all of your information into a frame (or in other words, window that displays our payer site secured form). If you are wondering why there is no "https" in the web adress, it's because you are technically not putting your payment information into our site, but rather our payer's site which is "https" secured.
If your voucher expires, the deal described in it is no longer valid. However the actual value that you paid for the voucher must be honored in credit for the business offering the deal.
Head over to our Submit Your Business page and get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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