Extend your sales state and even nation wide by taking advantage of our recourses and pooling your deals into a one stop shop for Maine locals, and vacationers alike.
Attract new customers who are looking to try something outside their normal routine. You will get new regular customers in no time.
Post your deal on LocalMaineDeals.com and immediately gain full access to our marketing resources. Let us get your business name out there for yo. The more we market our website, the more customers we attract to your business. It's a win win.
Not only are your deals hosted on LocalMaineDeals.com, but we hire marketing affiliates to post RSS feeds, facebook posts, and incorporate pre-made ad widgets into other websites. The amount of backlinks and exposure are endless with our variety of affiliates and easy to post ad widgets.
Drive sales and customers like never before, LocalMaineDeals.com offers a variety of options for your business build your customer base through social networks. Every deal has the option to share via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and E-Mail. You can even offer compensation to customers if they share your deals allowing your business to be marketed by a customer to their friends. Want even more? We also offer drop-in widgets to Facebook pages, imagine your business Facebook page featuring your deal from LocalMaineDeals with the exact same stylistic appeal and full secure payment processing functionality.
One of the features we offer while setting up your deal is a question that must be answered by the customer at the time of the purchase. We allow the business offering the deal to decide what that question will be allowing for free market research of your target market.
When you decide to post a deal through us you can be as hands on or as hands off as you please with the graphics and layout of your page. We will work with you to customize every picture and description to best sell your business. If you feel you do not have time, or simply would prefer that one of our web content producers handle the page layout, we would be more than happy to do the leg work for you, free of charge.
Track how your promotions are doing with our stat tracking system. We will set your business up with your very own log in credentials allowing you to view your sale information through your cpanel.

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